Friday, March 11, 2011

Jackalope IV preview and L.A. Art Walk

I had a long and interesting day yesterday.  here's what I did...

Went to the MIME in LA and set up for the Jackalope IV show.
That's Chris Hanke on the ladder, the guy to publishes the zine and is organizing the show.
That painting in top left of the photo is rad.

This is my installation in the corner.

My friend Lefty Joe Torres also invited me to do some live art at the LA Art Walk.

After that, Ann and I grabbed a late night meal at the Stray Cat Cafe.

I went to visit some of my friends at the Hive.

 This is my friend Tom McDermott.
We do a couple of collaborative projects together including inLimen and Line and Pixel.
He is currently a resident artist at the Hive

We sat and drew with Dominique Lopez, Alex Schaefer, and Jim Snow who is not in the photo.

Dominique drew Tom as a zombie

how's the resemblence?

She proceeded to draw us all as zombies.

This is Dominique's painting.

This is Tom's painting.

This is a woman doing a puppet show.

This is a puppet.