Saturday, February 6, 2010

Eyeball Burp's Blue Mini-Van Tour 2010 (pt. 1)

(artwork my Ann Matsushima)
The Blue Mini-Van Tour began in Sacramento as we prepared for Indy Euphoria, the Indie arts and culture convention.
 this is Anthony Leano making last minute phone calls for the convention.  Scary zombie man in back and Ann workin on merch.

 This was Eyeball Burp's first tabling event.  Ann and I were invited as special guests.

In my last Indy Euphoria post, I forgot to mention a few people.  I know I am still missing a bunch, but here are some more guys I am friends with...
 This is John Thompson.  He makes a comics called Cartworks about his job as a shopping cart attendant.

This is Jesse Baggs, one of the nicest cartoonists out there.  He does mini-zines about youth culture.

Jason Martin does a zine called Black Tea which I really enjoyed.  He also does Laterborn which I have yet to read.

 This is Skinner and Kat.  Kat came all the way from LA to check out the Indy Euphoria show.  How amazing!

 We had the honor of staying at Skinner's house for two nights.  This is him making potatoes.  Isn't his house awesome?

 Skinner and Kristie are a really nice couple and a hell of a lot of fun to hang out with.

 I got me a picture with Skinner!  whooo!!!

to be continued...