Friday, May 13, 2011

The Dronetones, Oakland Roadtrip

I went on a roadtrip to Oakland with the Dronetones last weekend.

This is everyone except Joel who was taking the picture.

Let me introduce the crew....
Brian Generik on the left

Scotty Oinker

myself, Alex Chiu


Joel Kaneshiro

and General Lee Williams

STU aka Garfield the cat

The core of the Dronetones is Lee and Artoo, a bad ass couple of dudes.

 We droned on the side of the road a bit.  it was fun.

We stayed at an amazing  house in Oakland, home of the band Saything.
These are a couple of robot sculptures that they owned.

We visited this landmark called the Albany Landfill.
It is this amazing concrete sculpture garden.
This is the castle.

The artist Swampy made an enormous painting near the castle.

I painted next to him.


The landfill is covered with art.  Check out these installations....

That night we set up to play a set at The Space Station Art Compound.

This is Lee with the Wiggles Guitar.
We hooked the thing up to a loop pedal and a massive bass amp.
We made it sound evil.

The night was called The American Dream and featured music, food, and movies.
Check out the film It Felt Like a Kiss.  This pretty interesting.

Good times.  I hope we can do it again soon.

Check out the music!!!