Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Taffy Colored Clouds" Revisited

Taffy Colored Clouds
New Artwork and Group Show curated by Alex Chiu
Rothick Art Haus
Anaheim, CA
January 8th, 2011

After a couple years of creating and hoarding my artwork, I decided to organize an art and music event to display the work.  In conjunction with the show, I invited 10 other artists that I knew and worked with to show along with me.

Come inside and check it out.

This is me (to the right) and Randy Nelson in the "Taffy Cloud" mask that I made for Halloween last year.

It took me 3 full days to hang this show.  I hung approximately 150 pieces of my own artwork, from large 4ft by 4ft paintings to mini wood cut characters.

The turnout was better than I could have imagined.

I don't event know who this guy is, but it looks like he's having fun.  I stole most of these photos off of Facebook.  Thanks Emily Kaneshiro for this one!

The show consisted of artwork from two pervious solo shows that I've done over the past couple years and a new series that I painted just for this show.  This piece was part of my "Pixel Power" series where I started working with wood, stencils, and optical illusions.

Graham Curran and Alex Gardner, two of the group show artists are in this photo to the left.  Photo from Sienne MascareƱas Diaz via Facebook.
This is a sculpture that I started with a bunch of scrap wood that I had.  I also included about 30-40 framed ink drawings and comic strips in the show.

The clustered installation of my artwork was inspired by the Beautiful Losers, specifically Barry McGee.  I love that guy's installations.

This is my Duck Dog Puppy.  I painted it one a cabinet door that I collected after I broke down a garage full of old furniture.

Ian Paul is in the middle of this photo.  He's talking to Mariya who is another talented artist.

I originally did this piece for my Kingdom of Doodles show at King's Cafe in Culver City.  King's Cafe is a great place to hang out.  The owner, Omar is a nice guy.

This robot was also a part of my Pixel Power show.  I originally made two of them.

Music for the night was povided by Mr. Technicality, shown above.  The duo is Gil Gentile (left) and Thomas Trudgeon (right).

I was honored to have my friends from Honest Iago play as well.

I used to do live art with these guys at bars and venues around San Diego.  It was an honor to work with them again.

Group Show Artists
I would personally like to thank and recognize all of the artists involved in the group show.  These are some of the most talented and professional artists I know.

 Alex Gardner:

Graham Curran:

Scott Aicher:

TD Flynn:

Brendan Waegner:

Yumi Sakugawa:

Michael C. Hsiung:

Ian Paul Montelongo:

Allen Oka:

A'misa Chiu:

Also, a special thanks to the Rothick Art Haus for letting me have this show!

Thank You Nick and Kelly!

The night was a great accomplishment for me.  I'm glad I got to do it.  Thank you all for your support to allow this to happen.

Special Thanks to:
Pablo Aguilar (for letting me stream your music playlists)
Nathaniel Osthello (for coming out to do live art)
Dave Castro of Taco Comics (for helping me publish Taffy Colored Clouds zine)
Justin Nakasone (for letting me use your PA system)
A'misa Chiu, Emily Kaneshiro, Jason Jue, Weena Chiu, Scott Aicher, Sienne MascareƱas Diaz, Snow Mack, and Brendan Wae (for posting your photos from the show on the internet)

 Peace and Love!