Saturday, February 12, 2011

Keenan Keller vs. DIY Grad School

Keenan Keller, publisher of Drippy Bone Books
DIY Grad School guest speaker
February 12th, 2011
Hosted at the Keller Compound
Los Angeles, CA
This is Keenan and his wife Lesley.

Keenan is co-publisher of Drippy Bone Books, publisher of art zines, comic books, art prints, music comps, and other cool stuff.

Lesley is a musician.  Former drummer for the band Static Static.  New Projects in the works.

 Keenan showed us
all the publications he had in stock
through Drippy Bone Books.

Drippy Bone Books publishes some rad art zines and comics.
Check out the WHORE EYES comps and Keenan's own comic Galactic Breakdown

Keenan even published a special zine Dear Diary,
Just for the DIY Grad School Event.

It rocks.  Ask him if he has more.  He might sell you one.

I interviewed him for a bit.

 Then everyone got to hang out and ask him stuff as well.

Most of the people who went were zine makers as well.
They got a chance to share and trade their own zines and publications.

Keenan showed us a few of his favorite zines and art books from his own personal collection.

really inspiring.

Thanks again Keenan!

and thank you
Drippy Bone Books!