Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things I Like


Random poster I stole from Portland advertising Blogtown with an awesome graphic of Bill Crosby and and old school computer spitting out digital rainbow.


Floating World Comix in Portland. (no, I did not draw this)


David Arshawsky comics and erotic fantasy drawings.

The Bad Apple, random cult video shop in Portland owned by Dylan Williams of Sparkplug Comics.

Jango Jim holiday card sent from Belgium.


 Jango Jim doodles zine with custom cover.


Emily Kaneshiro's slug beaver?

Randy Nelson's I Rule drawing on MS Paint.  Lead singer of Baby Dino Dog the band.

Tina Tae's drawings!!!  hidden treasures that I want to expose to the world.

Eyeball Burp Felt Banner.. and Issue 2!!!  Our arts and culture zine that rocks!