Friday, February 19, 2010

Eyeball Burp's Blue Mini-Van Tour (pt. 3)

 the next stop on our tour was Grant's Pass, Oregon.  Here we meet up with friends I met in San Diego, Lindsey Uribe and Lester.

 These are their Yin and Yang coy fish tattoos.  I thought this would make a rad postcard.

 the tattoos were done by this man: Cassady.

 Cassady's is a tattoo artist who does some pretty cool artwork.

 He showed us his thighs and told us that it was his tattoo schooling.  Each tattoo was a different assignment he had to do.

 Cassady wasn't the only talent.  Check out what Lindsey Uribe carved on an ostrich egg.

 This is Lester's work in project.  A life sized doll house for his Bosses daughter.

Thank you so much Lindsey, Lester, Cassady, and Alex!!!  We love you all!