Tuesday, November 18, 2008

casey jeffers

Casey Jeffers interviewed me a few months back in her first issue of the Straggler zine. She recently committed suicide at the age of 19. I am posting this in her remembrance.

From Casey's last blog - a week before she died -

October 15, 2008 - Wednesday

S.O.S: This is a call for help.


I'm calling on you for help during a rough time, to help me out of my current sense of isolation.

I don't need hours of your time and a box of tissue for a heart-to-heart conversation; I'd be excited to grab a cup of coffee, go for a hike, see a movie, have a beer, help you with your homework. I'll fucking go grocery shopping with you. I'm dead serious. I just need to get out and spend more time with people that care. Not in my general vicinity? Write me a letter! I love getting mail that doesn't have something to do with my money or lack thereof.

Something. Anything. Just let me know you're there.