Saturday, October 18, 2008

words by Ann Matsushima

so i finished 3 collage postcards. you should tell leah stella that she has inspired me to collage on top of my postcards. its makes the experience a whole lot more personal. i enjoy producing art and then forgetting i made it, only to see it again someday and be reminded that i produced that image. that means that the image is very temporary, for me, and yet it has a state of making an impact, perhaps for the receiver of the postcard. a person is more likely to remember a word or quote or image if given to them like a present. this is what i believe leah's postcards represent to me, and thats what i'm trying to convey. a image is a gift, and the receiver should take it in and give it whatever meaning.

my head is heavy with hair. i can't support it up any longer. that means i should sleep and dream of my adventures and my future adventures. i wish i could fly. i wish i could eat a big bowl of hot noodles. i wish i had a hat made of fur and a coat made of yak leather. i wish i could carry around a huge sword and fight with it when i was attacked. i wish i had a pair of mocassins, made of soft suede leather and feathers. i wish i could tattoo my whole back with images of water and feathers and clouds and fish and all good things. i wish i could eat rainbows and clouds and love and hate. i wish i could have your hands on my face and that i could spread soft kisses all over them. i wish i could eat bread and butter and drink hot chocolate in large clay mugs. i wish i could travel for days, without any food or drink, and still be strong enough to survive the intense loneliness of life.

ggg tired am i.
pizza pizza pizza pie.

poem by ann matsushima.

i love you alex chiu. you are my beau. for ever and ever and forever be true.

good. oyasuminasai.

good night

sayonara. bye bye

jamatane. good bye.

aisuiteru. i love you.