Monday, July 28, 2008

pictures from comic-con

The 2008 San Diego Comic-Con was pretty cool this year. Most of the time, I was working the booth with Billy Martinez, his wife Catherine, and my friends Sam and Nick. Thank you Nick for getting coffee and giving me breaks so I could go pee.

I also ran into my old friends from way back; elementary school friends, church friends, old roommates, and even people I met during the SF Wonder-Con. This convention really brought people together. I got to meet some of my favorite comic book artists as well; Jeffery Brown (Sulk) and James Kochalka (American Elf). James, if you read this, sorry if I scared you. I was just stoked to meet you. I also saw Jim Woodring (Frank) and the guy who did Where's Waldo.

check out some photos from the event. Most of these were taken right from my booth...

me and Billy Martinez, publisher of Neko Press Comics

my stuff.

some dudes walking by

the elegant crown of penis balloons

darth vador's a lady's man.

Optimus Prime

galaxy press